Linda Cohen - Artist

Mixed Media


   So, what exactly is mixed media? My definition is, an art form using various materials to create texture, combined with found materials, ephemera and whatever interests me. I may use tissue paper, cheesecloth, drywall tape and modeling paste to begin my background textures. The components that I attached next may be screwed or glued. Then I usually paint or spray alcohol ink on the entire piece to create a blank canvas of sorts. It has lovely shapes and lots of cracks and crevices for the paint or ink to settle into.




Fluid Acrylic Pouring


   This one is a little more complicated to explain. Basically, each time I pour it's a chemistry lesson. Every color has a different weight, white being the heaviest because it contains titanium. When acrylic paint is poured in layers into a cup the paint kind of sits on top of each other. When it is poiured onto a surface, using many different methods, the paint colors repel each other and form wonderful cells and lacing. The resulting effect can be manipulated to a point by tipping the canvas or using a palette knife. However, if you mess with it the colors will blend to a muddy hue. A fascinating technique that I have finally managed to control....somewhat. I enjoy creating landscapes with this technique.




Gelli Plate Printing


   My current obsession is print making using a plate made of gelatin and glycerin. Paint is rolled on with a brayer and can be stenciled,masked or stamped onto. Next, I lay paper on the plate and pull a print. Several layers create complex patterns which I enjoy collaging.

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