Linda Cohen - Artist

Artist Statement

A twenty year career as a floral designer instilled in me a love of color and texture. Discovering Steampunk and Industrial styles blended well with my personal fascination with rust and gears. I find it gratifying to incorporate unexpected elements into my art. Cast off circuit boards, scrap Tyvec and other building materials often find their way into my pieces.


For the past several years I have been The Steampunk Lady, creating home accessories, art clocks and jewelry in this unique style. I have to admit that I really enjoy watching peoples' faces when they first experience my art. That quizzical look, followed by a smile,  and a lot of questions, makes all the hours spent cleaning up assorted metal bits, taking apart circuit boards and welding bike gears worth every second.( Maybe not the part where my hands look like a mechanic......) Anyway, I am now devoting all of my time to creating mixed media wall art and art clocks. The functionality of clocks as art is really appealing. And I am enjoying my exploration of different techniques and materials.            


This past year, 2019, I changed course and began creating woodland gnomes. Little did I know they would turn into a full time job. I realized the public, in general, were looking for "feel good" items to purchase. My adventure in "the gnome realm" has been quite rewarding. My past floral skills are again serving me well. I plan to include paintings of gnomes as well in 2020.

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