Linda Cohen - Artist

Gnome Construction, Materials and General Facts

All of my gnomes are one of a kind.


Eight Inch Gnomes:


The inner body is a sock filled with a small amount of rice, a re-purposed tennis ball and fiberfil.

I use a wooden disk for the base.


Taller Gnomes:


I re-purpose heavy duty cardboard carpet tubes.These are attached to a base of some type which may have a flower arrangement or other decor added.


All Gnomes:


The "clothing" and hat are cut from re-puposed sweaters and hand-sewn.

Beards are made from high quality faux fur.

Many of the natural materials I use to decorate them are found on our property. Such as pine cone, lichen, moss, pods and wood pieces.

The skis, snowshoes and fishing nets are handmade by me.

I create the mushrooms you see on many of my gnomes from polymer clay and hand paint them. I also make the tiny polymer bees.

I use good quality silk and rayon flowers and dried materials.


Each gnome comes with a name card that includes his habitat and job title as well as a legend of the gnome card.


I hope I have covered the questions most often asked. Please message me if you come up with a new one!

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