Linda Cohen - Artist

Legend of the Gnome

   Ancient legends speak of gnomes as the insurer's of Earth's stability,grounding and rooting.They possess an insurmountable knowledge of Earth and have a massive amount of control over its properties.

   As protectors, they practiced a zero-tolerance policy for those who would disrespect the planet. They love Mother Earth and are in turn loved by her.




   I create woodland gnomes who reflect the idea that gnomes are guardians of the Earth's treasures. The Gatherers collect woodland items. The Guides have a compass and walking stick. The Wizards are healers and care for animals. The Guardians stand at the gateways to the many gnome realms making sure all who enter are kind to the inhabitants.

   My gnomes are made with sock bodies weighted with rice and filled with Fiberfil. They are "dressed" with re-purposed sweaters. I use natural items to decorate whenever possible. Many of the accessories are hand-made by me using polymer clay. I use faux fur of high quality to create their lush beards.

   Every gnome comes with a name card that includes their habitat and job title as well as a copy of the gnome legend.They are all one of a kind.

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