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The Zootown Arts Community Center in Missoula, Montana is exhibiting the work of local mixed media artist Linda Cohen, who describes herself as “The Steampunk Lady.” In a recent interview with Peter Friesen of the Missoulian, she explains that her interest in the genre began about six years ago when her daughter introduced her to the steampunk band Steam Powered Giraffe.


“In the years since, her inspiration has led to making steampunk jewelry, clothing, clocks, sculptures and dolls,” he writes. “She sports a pocket-watch-style clock with exposed gears on a necklace and has sold handmade goggles at the Missoula People’s Market while sporting a top hat.”


Her pieces are made mostly from found objects scavenged from Home ReSource, a local reuse center for building materials. There, “Cohen and her husband dutifully dig through bins of spare parts, the more rusted the better,” he writes.


The story goes into a lot of detail about her techniques, including her use of iron paint to give her pieces a rusted look. Learn more about her work on her website and Facebook page.

January 2019


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